Perfect Panty Pantry


Q. How does this work?

A. We are administrators of a network of beautiful women who have agreed to act as used underwear models for us. There are a number of places you could go on the Internet to find women willing to sell you their used and worn underwear, but it would take you a great deal of time to find them all, and there would really be no guarantee of what you might get when you tried to buy from them. We understand that there are men, and women, who wish to indulge their fantasies by purchasing the used underwear of lovely young women. This is an incredibly intimate act that fulfills of the fantasies of both parties, in many cases. Our young ladies are exhibitionists who really enjoy being able to send you their used underwear. We want you to look through the site, see just who turns you on, make sure you decide what your preference is for underwear type, and also consider any special requests you might have. Then you place your order with us. We will ship to you your used panties, which have been worn for at least twenty-four hours, and we will send them to you in a discreet package that will bear no indication of its contents. That’s the entire process.

If you have any questions about how this all works, we hope you’ll contact us. We are not just interested in hearing from you if you are happy with your order. We also want to know if there is anything we can do to improve our service. We engage in an ongoing and constant examination of everything we do. Your feedback helps us to update our service and keep it relevant and improving. We are always happy to forge business relationships with our clients. We don’t just want you to shop with us once. We want you to come to us whenever you feel the need to add a fresh pair of used panties to your life. The beauty of our service is that we have brought together so many different beautiful young women, vetted them, and made sure you are getting quality product from them when you order through us. This aspect of our service is perhaps the most important, because we save you the time, effort, and potential disappointment of going to other random Internet listings to obtain the panties that you are looking for.

Please remember that each and every one of the dirty panties and sets of used panties we sell is the genuine article. There are plenty of less than reputable competitors in the used panty market who will sell you something of undetermined provenance. But you don’t just want a pair of underwear. You don’t want just anything when you order a pair of used panties online. It isn’t enough that it be a pair of women’s underwear. You want something that has actually been worn by an incredibly sexy, attractive woman. Don’t you? Well, look no farther, because guarantees that the products you obtain from us are one hundred percent genuine. Each and every one of our panties has been worn by the beautiful models who are showing them off on our pages. Get started with our great products today. Buy from and enjoy your used panty lifestyle the way it was meant to be experienced.

Q. I’m worried that someone will know I bought something from this site.

A. You absolutely don’t have to worry about that. We understand that everybody has different needs and desires, different fantasies they want fulfilled, and different kinks and preferences that turn them on. Our understanding of you, and our respect for you, means that we will always take your needs and wants seriously. We will never judge you. You can count on us to maintain discretion and confidentiality at all times. This is very important to us, not simply as a manifestation of our respect for our customers, but also because we know you can’t relax and enjoy yourself if you are worrying about your privacy. From the first time you contact us, we will be guarding your information. We will never share the details of your order, or the fact that you ordered from us, with anyone outside our company. We do not sell client information to any third party. You will never get spam or unsolicited offers from us or from anyone else, nor will using our service generate any other kind of junk mail. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, so we will guard it carefully. This is our respect for you, the client, and it is also how we approach our business. Discretion is a necessary component of everything we do, and it is part of the difference that makes our site so worthwhile. This is the difference.

We do think you should take the time to ask yourself why it might matter for you not to be discovered enjoying the site. Yes, some things should be kept private, and some hobbies are not really meant for mixed company or “polite discussion.” But the fact is that every single human being on the planet has fantasies. It would be ridiculous to say otherwise. Everyone has them, but not everyone admits to having them. Just because you like used panties is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a perfectly valid lifestyle and a perfectly normal fetish. When you finally embrace the reality of being into used panties, you will be able to come to an understanding with yourself about it. You will be okay with it. You will be comfortable in your own skin. And that means that the judgment of anyone else about what you enjoy, or what turns you on, will be completely irrelevant. Who are they to tell you what you should be into? Who is anyone to tell you what you should and should not be turned on by? Every single individual man knows what turns him on, and in many cases, he doesn’t know precisely why he developed that interest or affection. It’s true of everyone, so why would one group presume to judge another?

Enjoy yourself on this site. Indulge your affection for used panties. Get close to our models by purchasing their underwear and enjoying them in the privacy of your own home. This is the service we provide. We understand completely what you are into because we share your interest ourselves. We will never judge you. We will always take your questions, comments, and concerns seriously. You can count on us not only to provide you with great service, but also to show you the respect that you deserve, in the way that you deserve it.

Q. How are my panties shipped to me?

A. It is a recurring nightmare for many discerning clients: They purchase something intimate, something that should be shared only with them, and something about which they wouldn’t want just anyone – not their family, not their friends, not their neighbors, and certainly not their mailman or parcel delivery driver – to know about. But when the package arrives, large lettering emblazoned across the box proclaims its potentially embarrassing contents to the entire world… or the return address is itself something that too obviously reveals what is inside the box. Fear not. You don’t have to worry that your package is going to show up reading, “Used Panties Inside,” or anything like that. We ship all of our orders in plain packaging that is guaranteed to be discreet. Our billing practices are equally discreet. You can count on us to make sure your privacy is protected no matter what. That starts with the order and fulfillment process, but it continues through your client experience and to the shipping and receiving of your goods.

We want you to know that every one of your orders will be packed with care and with respect. We aren’t just jamming used underwear into an envelope or a box and shipping it around the country. We’re doing our best to treat each pair of panties the way it deserves to be treated. We know that every order represents something special that you are looking to enjoy. You don’t have to worry. We’ll take good care of your used panties, and we’ll see to it they arrive at your door and/or in your mailbox with a minimum of stress, hassle, and fuss, as quickly as we’re realistically able to send them.

Q. What guarantee do I have that these have actually been worn?

A. We understand that a big part of the experience of used panties is the knowledge that they have been the property of a beautiful woman, and that they have been worn and enjoyed before reaching you. There are a lot of unscrupulous vendors on the Internet who will just send you a box of panties that come straight from the store. That’s not what we do here, and part of the difference is that we guarantee the product you are receiving has been worn for at least twenty-four hours. Depending on any special requests you may make as part of your order, that time may be even longer, or there may be other factors to consider. When we tell you that these panties have been worn by our gorgeous girls, you can trust that they have, spent at least a day close to one of the sexiest ladies you have ever seen.

Besides our guarantee, of course, there is the fact that there really is no substitute for genuine used panties. It would be impossible for us to fake the results that our models get when they wear the used panties we sell to you. Whether they are working out or relaxing, whether they are sleeping in their sexy, tiny panties and waking up to lounge around topless in bed, we guarantee that all the sexy lying around they do is for your benefit. It isn’t just for sexy photos and it isn’t just because they enjoy attention. It’s to make sure that the product that ends up in your mailbox, the used panties you’ve been wanting and dreaming about, will be there when and how you expect them to be. If you want a great experience with used panties, you don’t have to go any farther than

Q. What sets you apart from other underwear sites?

A. The key to a high quality underwear site is not just the quality of the products we offer. It’s not just about offering a great variety of underwear that is enticing and sexy in and of itself. It’s not even about offering a great experience to the customer, although that’s certainly part of it. See, a site like ours has to be able to deliver consistently and bring to you, the client, a variety of new ways to excite you and stimulate you. We don’t just keep selling you the same old thing. We’re always looking for ways to spice up our product offerings, keep our models interesting and interested, and encourage them to be as friendly as possible. You know all this, or you wouldn’t be visiting us. You know all this, or you never would have made it this far down the page. The fact is, you want a panty site that is run by knowledgeable people who understand your kink and who want to make sure you get what is most satisfying and thrilling for you. And oh, it is so thrilling to get close to our ladies! That’s what you are doing every time you buy panties from us, after all. You’re getting just a little bit closer to the model whose underwear they are. You are getting an opportunity to get to know her on an intimate and physical level, not because you are in the room with her, not because you are talking to her and answering her questions, and in most cases not because you know her name (because many of them use stage names for personal security). No, you are getting an opportunity to get to know your model intimately and physically because you are holding something that was, until only a short while ago, riding next to her skin under her clothes.

There’s something about a sexy woman who is slowly disrobing to her underwear that fills us with joy. We love the thought of every pair of panties being worn next to that model’s skin under whatever it is she is wearing on the outside. We love the thought of it, the intimate and naughty concept of it. We love thinking about her wearing that underwear as she goes about her day. The fabric is soft and rubbing against her. It’s something she can feel. She probably picked out that underwear special because it made her feel sexy. And if it makes her feel sexy, it’s bound to make us feel sexier, more sexually fulfilled, more connected to the model who wore it. Underwear is about as intimate as intimate clothing gets. Whether plain white cotton panties or elaborate lacy lingerie, whether fetish gear with buckles and straps or something demure and sophisticated, underwear is something that we all find undeniably sexy. That’s because only rarely do you see underwear in anything but the most intimate of contexts.

It’s something that is worn on the inside, after all. It’s not something that is usually visible (unless you consider the whale tale thong craze that we mentioned before). There was something of a scandal in the music industry when pop singer Madonna, in the early part of her career, starting wearing underwear outside of her clothes. Her purpose was to shock and get publicity, and boy did she succeed. (It didn’t hurt that she had a pleasant singing voice and a decent body in her prime, too, although Madonna’s look was always more of a work of art than a work of nature. That means she wore a lot of makeup and made up for what she lacked in physical beauty by being sexually aggressive.)

What’s the point of all this? Well, the point of all this is that our models are all great people. They’re sexy people. They’re ladies who really know their way around the industry. They’re friendly and their personable. They’re sexy and they’re exciting. Now, you can’t actually meet with our models, and chances are good (since you are ordering over the Internet) that you don’t live anywhere near them. Getting to know them on a personal level is out because it’s not possible. Or… is it? Certainly you’d like to get to know them. There isn’t a straight man out there who wouldn’t welcome the chance to get to know these sexy babes. But are you going to be able to do that? Well, probably not by conventional means. But you can get to know them by getting close to something that has been close to them. You guessed it. It wasn’t much of a quiz to start with, but you get where are going with this. When you buy a woman’s underwear, there are few things that are more intimate. There are few actions that put you closer to a woman than to have in your possession something she wore against her body. And there’s very little that is more sexy, we have to admit. We are absolutely enthralled with the idea of getting to know our ladies. They are all exceptional women, and we have chosen them because we like them. We don’t just pick any lady who’ll sell us her underwear. A woman has to jump through a few hoops before she becomes one of our models, but in a good way. We aren’t asking anything of them that they won’t freely give of themselves.

What does that mean? Well, when we go looking for models to join us here at the site, and to wear their underwear for you, we make sure that we get the right kind of girl. The right kind of girl understands the need to be as friendly as possible. She understands that this isn’t something to take too seriously, but it’s a real job and something that must be approached properly to be done right. She knows that when she wears panties that she will sell to us, she’s going to have to be very careful to get in every hour that a client expects. She can’t just throw on a pair for a few minutes, dump them into a box, and send them along. No, she has to put the time in. She has to create used underwear that our clients can really enjoy, can really savor. After all, if you aren’t getting the best panties for your money, underwear that has been lovingly worn and thoroughly enjoyed, then what would be the point?

Any man can walk into a store and buy a pair of women’s underwear. He cannot, however, get the experience that a woman puts into a pair of underwear when she wears it. What we’re trying to say is that ultimately it isn’t really about the underwear at all. We mean, sure, that’s part of it, but the underwear is just the vehicle, just the vessel, just the means through which a certain experience is brought to you and made available to you. That experience is the joy of being close to a pair of panties that have been close to a beautiful woman. It is something that every man wants and every woman would be happy to give if she were just like our models. And what joys our models are! We will talk more about them in a moment, but first, take a look through our listings. Really familiarize yourself with these girls. Take a moment to savor the work we’ve done on this website for your benefit.

All right, have you looked? Now, ask yourself: Which of these girls could best fulfill my fantasies? Which of these girls has just the right look? Which of these girls could I see myself with if I were given the opportunity to pick one out? Imagine you walk into a room and there is a line of beautiful women. They’re all there for you, and now it falls to you to pick one to enjoy. Which woman will you choose? Which one is most stimulating to you? Which one makes you most turned on? Which one makes you happiest? Now, picture the underwear your harem of beautifies is wearing. What are you envisioning? What types of underwear are most exciting for you? Something that excites you invariably sits in your imagination, waiting to come out, so when you are called on to envision the panties for your dates in your mind’s eye, you are going to picture what you like most. And that’s a great thing! You should know what you like. You should be intimately familiar with what you’d most like to become familiar with where intimates are concerned. That play on words is our way of saying that we’d like to be your guide. We’d like to help you into the wonderful world of women’s underwear. We’d like you to be able to enjoy your experience with us. And we would like to help you pick out those models who are most exciting and sexy for you because we know when you do, you’ll enjoy your underwear that much more.