Britt’s Lounging Thong


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Product Description

Britt wears black panties everyday because that’s what she looks sexiest wearing. She loves lounging around her apartment without just her panties and a bra.

Every man likes a nice, sexy thong, but more than that, every man loves to picture a sexy woman lounging around all day in that thong. Britt doesn’t just give you that fantasy. She makes that fantasy real and, what’s more, she makes it come alive. She is sexiness on the hoof, a fantasy made flesh.

“I like to think about the people who buy my panties holding them close and enjoying them,” she says. “I like to fantasize about them fantasizing about me. We all get off and we all have a great time. It’s the best of all possible worlds. I’m an extremely lucky woman because I get to participate in that.”

Britt is just one of the incredibly sexy women who contribute their panties to our pages. Would you like to be able to take home a little bit of Britt? Would you like to be able to get close to her in that way? Then buy her panties right now. You won’t be sorry.


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