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Cat is known for her ability to keep up with the boys at the gym, but she’s also a sexy lady who loves partying and having fun on the weekends. Her sexy pink thong comes delivered after being worn at the gym for 2 hours.

Cat is naturally competitive. That’s just part of her nature. She likes to be pushed, and she likes to set challenging goals for herself. Her animal nature comes out in the gym when she’s competing with men, and the whole time she’s on the floor sweating, she’s thinking about the men who’ll buy her incredibly sexy pink thongs.

“When that thong rides up on me, I get a little thrill of excitement,” she says. “It’s very stimulating to think about being a little bit of a celebrity in my tiny corner of the world. To know that I am bringing pleasure to others is also very exciting. I get hot just thinking about it.”

Cat is an adventurer who will rise to any challenge. You can always get her going by trying to tell her what she can’t do. She’ll gladly put her back into any challenge you put before her, no matter how much she has to work to get there. This translates into some pretty special panties and she’s a consistent performer in that regard.

“My pink thongs are always my favorites,” she says. “They’re both sexual and sensual. There’s a difference that most people don’t realize. Sexual is the obvious. Sensual is how you make other people feel by being you. Whenever I feel myself through my clothes, I’m thinking about that sensuality. You’ll be able to sense that when you hold my pink thong close.”


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